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Project concept:


Very Pop Dada. From these three words in the row, the first one -very- can be used as an adjective or adverb and has a function to highlight the existence of quality or auhtenticity to a large extent. It can be said that the word -Very - or more precisely its further interpretation of the "Very much like Van Gogh" is a key point of support in the creation of this artistic concept for the fragrance "AME ready wEAR perfume."

By putting focus on the above mentioned three words: -Very Pop Dada-the facts are logically imposed and are related to these terms. From these three wods -Very Dada- Pop, two words-Pop and Dada represent very strong artistic attitudes. By further logical formulation of these two terms: "Very much like Andy Warhol" and "Very much like Marcel Duchamp"we open rich and inspirational content, with large volume of creative possibilities.

Ear new element and the reasons for the symbolic representation through symbol of the soul:

Despite the fact that we relate Vincent Van Gogh for phenomenon and development of modern painting, he represents much more than that. "Very much" represents the model of the rift that had occurred within the modern artist. The famous case of cutting off his ear symbolically can be seen as a wound that is actually preparing for the arrival of the expected event that can be traced by disintegration of the classic "painting" and the entire revolution of modern art.

The reasons for choosing a bulb or ready-made with the intervention:

In the spirit of Dada, precisely by rephrasing the words -Very Pop Dada-almost intuitively, by itself imposed the electric light bulb as a future ready-made object.

By subsequent analysis of its formal values as well as interpretation of bulb as a symbol, characteristics that confirm that the bulb has a great and multilayered potential and that it can be selected as ready-made for the future shape of the perfume bottle.
Inside space of the bulb , where is usually located the mechanism by which it becomes a light object, is the ideal place to store the above-mentioned "earlobe". With the help of this intervention Ready-made becomes "Body", and the placement of “earlobe” within the bulb represents the revival of this body.

Visual identity bottle of perfume:

- Ame ready wear perfume is designed in two different forms: male and female.

- Women's perfume is designed to be in its original form on the model of the electric light bulb.

The bottom of the bottle is strengthened therefore enabled  it to be placed in an upright position.

- Men's perfume bottle  was created by inserting the bulb inside the glass cube. Sides of the cube intersect the roundness  of the bulb and make a new form within the cube.

- Both bottles, male and female are transparent and dressed in special metal construction which is inspired by  Ready-made a Marcel Duchamp-bottle holder-.

-Inside of the bottle is the plasic pump system, it is transparent and when dipped in the liquid is imperceptible.

- Glass figurines shaped like human ear is blue,  made from cut glass (semi-transparent) and its size is  in proportion  with the width of the bottle throat perfume, because it  is mechanically placed inside.