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Light Box Bottle Support (-LBBS-) is the common name for all the light boxes which, besides decorative value, also have practical value as holders for bottles and glasses. All objects can be designed and customized according to requirements of the customer.

Photos following the text belong to Light My Wine collection, which consists of eight different models presented as 3D photographs. These eight models are basically inspired by the motif of woman and wine.



  • Decorative lighting
  • Bottle holder
  • Artistic object


Decorative lighting:

-LBBS- has the function of decorative lighting. LED tapes are placed on the back of the box, which enhance the contrast of the picture. The image is printed on Plexiglas which is located on the front of the box. Each –LBBS- has a controller for adapting the light intensity so it is possible to adjust it.

Bottle holder:

-LBBS- also serves as a decorative holder for bottles and glasses. Collection -Light My Wine- offers several visual solutions with wine bottle holders. –LBBS- can be designed and adapted to any kind of the bottle, depending on the needs of the drink producers(whiskey, vodka, gin…)

Art object:

-LBBS- is a uniquely designed object  with a practical purpose and utility value.  According to the style,-LBBS- may vary from minimalist, simple shapes to complex,  geometric  forms. Each object  is designed as a wall sculpture, and it keeps  its visual attractiveness  when the light is turned off.



Private apartments:

-LBBS-is ideal for private apartments.  In addition to its functionality, it allows you to create a special atmosphere with the assistance  of light. It is possible to have different sizes of boxes related to the needs of the space.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, public places:

-LBBS- can be designed for the specific needs of bars and restaurants. - LBBS- can create a specific atmosphere with its lighting which is desirable on the places like this.

Marketing campaigns:

-LBBS- is ideal for making art of advertising. –LBBS- can be adapted to different brands and serve as part of a marketing campaign to promote awareness and positioning of the brand. In that case, -LBSS- is specially created and fully adapted to the specific quality of the target groups and needs of the respective companies. One of the possibilities is the branding and placement of the advertising -LBBS- in bars or specialized shops and other public places that are sufficiently frequent.